Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Summary of Wednesday's racing

Race five was sailed in 8-9 knots, almost reaching 12 by the final downwind. Bryan Boyd led round the top mark for the secoind time this week but couldn't hold on to the lead this time. Eduard Skornyakov took the lead on the first run and held to the finish. Andrew Mills sailed a great race into second while Dan Slater recovered to third to take the overall lead of the regatta.
After an hour's wait for the wind to stabilise it came back at 10-12 knots, increasing throughout the race. The Oscar flag downwind made for great surfing and pumping conditions. Michaal Maier led round the top mark after going right while many of the favourites including Slater were buried. Marin Misura took the lead on the first downwind to lead to the finish ahead of Jonathnan Lobert and Bjorn Allansson.
Slater and Zach Railey are now tied for the lead. Full results posted on event website.
Full report to follow.


  1. Dear Finn Blog!

    Where to find actual race results and follow them? I try post every day on Gold Cup and performance of Ukrainians in it.

  2. You can find full results here

  3. Hey Robert...I would like to see the movie of my Rocking...and second yellow flag! It's possible?