Saturday, 11 July 2009

Last post from Vallensbaek

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Final day's report now posted

Photos from last day


Prizegiving part one

Will try to make this larger at a later date.

Prizegiving part two


Jonas Hogh Christensen makes winner's speech


New world champion gets a ducking


Summary of medal race

In a 12-14 knot breeze Jonas Hogh Cristensten passed early leader Zach Railey on the first downwind and covered up the second beat to win the Gold Cup for the second time. Andrew Mills also moved up on the first downwind and placed a good second with Railey recovering from a poor second beat to finally finish third.
Jonas takes the gold, Zach the silver, and Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic wins bronze, Croatia's first ever medal at the Finn Gold Cup.
Results will be posted on the event website shortly and full report to follow.
Final race for the rest is currently underway.

Watch Jonas win the medal race and his second Finn Gold Cup


Fleet going afoat

Boats starting to launch.
Near perfect conditions for medal race.
Follow on the tracking at or on Twitter on the right here.

Medal race day in Vallensbaek

It's medal race day here in Vallensbaek and the sun is shining again and there is a moderate westerly in place at about 12-14 knots. It should be a great show.
After that there is the fnal race for the rest. Of particular interest is the battle to be first Junior. After yesterday's demolition derby, Tomas Vika has nipped past 16 year old Jorge Zarif by just 2 points. It's going to be a race to the finish. These two youngsters lie in 29th and 30th place, not bad for their first Gold Cup.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Prospects of a great medal race on Saturday

By this time tomorrow it will be all over bar the shouting. Will it be Zach, Jonas, Giles or Ivan? Tune into the medal race live at 11.00 local time for 30 minutes of fast, fun action.
During this week the media and press core have created more media material than probably any single world championship in history. There are TV cameras, photographers and journalists on the water each day. We will bring you more of this material, including TV highlights from each day on in the weeks to come.
Acually, bringing you any kind of news today was challenging. Twittering while going over massive bone-shattering waves nand face-stinging rain required a particular kind of patience to text a few words in each trough before crashing into the next wave. My notebook turned to paper mache, and the photos and videos have a certain amount of 'camera wobble'. But we all survived.
For those interested in this kind of thing, this blog has now had 2,300 absolute unique visitors with 10,500 page views.
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Start of race ten


Zach Railey leading down first reach to win race nine


Rounding the downwind gate in race nine


Some photos from Friday's racing


Friday's report is posted

Summary of Friday's racing

There was drama today at Vallensbaek as regatta leader Ed Wright got black flagged in the first race and ended up having to carry his 46th from race one. Zach Railey led from start to finish in race nine this morning to take over the overall lead. Then Giles Scott hit back to win race 10, to set up a four way fight going into tomorrow's medal race.
Jonas Hogh Chriostensen sailed another great day to post a 2, 6 to move up to second, Scott is in third and Ivan Kjakovic Gaspic is in fourth. All four have a shot at the title.
Full results have been posted at
Full report to follow.

Fleet afloat

The fleet has launched. Wind has eased a bit with sunny spells coming through. Forecasts for today vary a lot so we could get something of everything.
Follow the race live, thanks to TracTrac at:

Follow the event live on the Twitter feed and Finn Class Blog at:

Windy morning in Denmark

Mark boats are heading out.
20 knots reported from race area.
Sailors getting ready for the day.
...and it's just started raining...

Good morning from Valensbaek

Today we have a solid 15-20 knots in the marina with a lot of cloud around. It looks like it will be another tough day for the Finn sailors. The final two qualification races are scheduled before tomorrow's medal race.
The hospitality here has been superb. It is hard to think of something that our our hosts have not laid on for the sailors, and it's all been done in great spirits and with big smiles. The club is truly pleased to be hosting this event and is doing all it can to not only lay on the best possible racing, but also to make all sailors and supporters feel really welcome. They are doing a great job.
Racing scheduled to start at 11.00

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Close on points going into the final day of qualification

Today's work is done and on Friday we'll know the line up for the medal race. The points are close and with all the top contenders already having a high score, there is a still a long way to go.
There are less photos and videos today as the violent movement of the RIB in the waves wasn't great for clear images (or dry cameras).
However there are now 30 videos over on TheFinnChannel at
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Race seven downwind, Ed Wright leading


More photos from Thursday's racing


Image gallery by Richard Langdon posted on Finn website

Thursday's report is posted

Summary of Thursdays' racing

Two testing races in 15 to 25 knots changed the landscape at the top. Ed Wright takes the lead after posting a 1 and 4, while Giles Scott moved up to second and Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic in third. Race wins went to Wright and Jonas Hogh-Christensen in the windiest condition of the week so far.

Oscar flag up for free pumping the whole time so sailors were pretty tired coming ashore।

Results are posted and full report, clips and photos to follow

Fleet going afloat

Readings from the course area are 15-25 knots, but sounds like more from here. Lots of rain clouds about as well. Going to be a tough day all round.
Sailors are getting ready to launch, some are going to watch it online in the tent.
Online tracking at:
Also sign up to the Twitter feed here on the right.
If the tweets stop, we probably hit a big wave and the phone got too wet!

Thursday morning in Vallensbaek

There's a new challenge for Finn sailors today - wind. And lots of it. A few early morning heavy showers have come through and the wind is currently whistling through the trees at 15-20 knots.
First start at 11.00.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wrap up for Wednesday

The Gold Cup is at its half way stage and with stronger winds forecast for the next few days, it could be an interesting time.
Interest in the Gold Cup is breaking all records. TV footage is being distributed worldwide and sailors are undergoing a thorough media drilling after each day.
This blog has had more than 1,700 visitors and 7,500 page views since the regatta started, 70 twitterers have signed up for updates from the water, the online tracking is getting 3,000 users a day and TheFinnChannel is getting 1,000 video views each day.
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Here is the Vice-Chairman of the Jury catching up on his zeds between races on Wednesday after a hard night in the night club...

Wednesday's report posted online

Tonight our hosts put on a great meal and party in the tent

...and someone decided it was a good idea to let Finn sailors loose on the
table football, with a mini tournament compered by the inimitable Henk de
Jager...did the Dutch team win?

Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic crosses finish line at speed


Downwind gate in race six


Rafal Szukiel being watched by jury boat


Deniss Karpak gets yellow flagged on Wednesday

With commentary.

Wednesday photo album

Some great photos from Wednesday by Tosca Zambra.

Summary of Wednesday's racing

Race five was sailed in 8-9 knots, almost reaching 12 by the final downwind. Bryan Boyd led round the top mark for the secoind time this week but couldn't hold on to the lead this time. Eduard Skornyakov took the lead on the first run and held to the finish. Andrew Mills sailed a great race into second while Dan Slater recovered to third to take the overall lead of the regatta.
After an hour's wait for the wind to stabilise it came back at 10-12 knots, increasing throughout the race. The Oscar flag downwind made for great surfing and pumping conditions. Michaal Maier led round the top mark after going right while many of the favourites including Slater were buried. Marin Misura took the lead on the first downwind to lead to the finish ahead of Jonathnan Lobert and Bjorn Allansson.
Slater and Zach Railey are now tied for the lead. Full results posted on event website.
Full report to follow.

Fleet going afloat

Racing expected to start on time. Heavy cloud appearing with a few drops of rain, but still a light wind in place.

Wednesday morning in Vallensbaek

Another bright and sunny morning here in Denmark, though a bit colder at 19 degrees. Some small clouds building on shore with currently a southerly light breeze in place. Looks good.
Today, if at least one more race is sailed, the discard kicks in so there should be some significant changes at the top. So far it's been a very high scoring regatta. The current leader Zach Railey has a sixth as his best result and leads the scoreboard by some eight points, but he is also the only sailor so far to place top ten in each race.
After today's racing, we should have a clearer idea of the main contenders.
Racing starts at 11.00. Follow it on Twitter (right hand column) and through the online tracking at

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Twittering from a RIB

Twittering from the bottom of a wet RIB is not the easiest thing to do. That's assuming the boat is in the right place to see what you are supposed to be twittering about. It has its own duties and can't always get to the right place in time.
So if the twits don't make sense, or there are gaps in the story, it is probably because I am sheltering on the RIB floor, wiping spray off the phone's screen, sheilding it from the glare of the sun and being bounced up and down by the waves. And all the time making enough notes to write the reports, and take photos and videos for this blog. It can get quite hectic.
But we'll continue to try and bring the best of the day's action through these various mediums.
Thanks for looking.

Some photos from Tuesday's racing


Various sailors free pumping

Sequence with Zach Railey (USA), Dan Slater (NZL), Andrew Mills (GBR), Mark Andrews (GBR)

Start of race four

First the general recalled start. Then the real start under black flag.

Marin Misura (CRO) gets a yellow flag


Perfect hospitality

The free beer and sandwiches are strategically placed just a few steps from the launching area.

Tuesday's report is posted

Summary of the day's racing

Two great races in a southerly 9-14 knots brought most of the favourites to the front with ample chances to free pump downwind. Giles Scott led for the whole first race, while Jonas Hogh Christensen won the second race on the final downwind, with the top ten crossing the line in rolling waves and great surfing conditions in about 10 seconds. Two sixth places for Zach Railey leaves him leading the regatta with Scott in second and Dan Slater in third.
Plenty of high scores are still mixing things up, so it's going to be interesting when the discard kicks in after the next race.
Full results on event website
Full report later

Racing starts at 11.00

The fleet is afloat and the Jury boats are about to head out.
Follow the updates on Twitter (see right hand column) and through the TracTrac online system, which we are assured will work today.
Yesterday there was a problem with the phone network but fingers crossed it will work today.

Tuesday morning at the Finn Gold Cup

Good morning from Vallensbaek.
Weather today looks good for racing. It's bright and sunny, 20 degrees, currently around 6 -8 knots with lots of high and heavy cloud moving around.
The sailors are getting ready to go afloat.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Last photos of the day


Blog stats to Monday evening

Blog stats continue to increase
To date we have had 2,000 visits with more than 4,500 page views
On Monday alone, there have been 700 unique visitors and 2,500 page views.
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Monday's report posted with photos

Summary of day one

After two very tricky races with large shifts and pressure differences across the course area Rafal Szukiel (POL), the recent winner of Kiel Wek tops the leaderboard. Race wins went to Bryan Boyd (USA) who led for the entire race and to Dan Slater (NZL) who narrowly beat Daniel Birgmark (SWE).
Andrew Mills (GBR) sailed to great races to sit in second and the onloy boat other than Szukiel to have single digit scores in both races. Peer Moberg is third.
For almost everyone else it was a real up and down day.
Full report to follow.

Giles Scott gets yellow flagged on final downwind


Leeward mark action


Dan Slater downwind


Marks Andrews downwind


Zach Railey downwind


Start of race one


First races to start at 11.00

Everything looks good for the first races at 11.00 this morning. Wind is still 4-5 knots but the local forecast is for more later.
Meanwhile the launching ramp is alive with activity.
Follow today's races with the Finn Class Twitter feed and with the live online tracking through the event website

Sailors start to prepare for the day


Nice weather has returned

Monday morning and the sunshine has returned. It is 23 degrees with almost complete blue skies. There is a westerly 4-6 knots in place and slowly building. Most of the forecasts say 7-10 knots today with rain expected later.
The sailors are getting ready for an 11.00 start.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday's report added to Finn Class website

Photos from practice race


Videos from Vallensbaek

More videos from the Finn Gold Cup can be seen on The FinnChannel on YouTube

Practice race - summary

It took three attempts to start the practice race. On the second start half the fleet sailed away and did the first leg and came in. On the second start, what was left of the fleet was evenly split across the course. The first beat favoured the left with more pressure while the shifts were coming from the right. Riccardo Cordovani (ITA) led round the top mark before pulling out leaving Henry Bagnall (GBR) Daniel Birgmark, Philip Ramming (USA) and Mihail Kopanvo (BUL) to fight it out. As usual boats pulled out on every leg. On the second beat the right was definitely favoured with a big shift and increased pressure. Bagnall led round the top mark, though Kpoanov pulled through on the downwind before pulling out of the race. Bagnall narrowly won from Uwe Bartel (GER) and Ramming, just holding off a fast approaching Jesper Petersen. Seven boats finished out of around 50 for the first start.

On the third attempt they got away


Start of practice race - second attempt

Jonas Hogh Christensen (DEN 2) hold position at the starting vessel and tacks off to the right.

Practice race day

An overnight change in the weather has brought low cloud and a change in wind direction. At 10.00 the wind is from the North at just 3 knots. But it is still 20 degrees with 85 per cent humidity. Rain is expected later.
The skippers' briefing is being held this morning with the practice race scheduled for a 14.00 start.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Growing number of visitors

The number of people visiting this blog is almost doubling each day. After just two days we are getting 150 unique visitors each day and over 500 page views a day.
Please spread the message, tell your friends and please do provide feedback. If there is anything you specifically want to see here or a question you'd like answered by a sailor, leave a comment and we'll do our best.

Opening ceremony

On a boiling hot afternoon in Vallensbaek, the opening ceremony of the 2009
Finn Gold Cup was held alongside the harbour together with free drinks and a
massive feast laid on by the Municipality of Vallensbaek. After a few short
speeches by Mr Steen Hillebrecht, Chairman of Vallensbaek Sailing Club, Mr
Balazs Hajdu, President of the International Finn Association and Mr Kurt
Hockerup, the Mayor of Vallensbaek a band carried on proceedings accompanied
by the chatter and munching of 98 Finn sailors, their guests, event
officials and club members.

Balazs Hajdu said, " I am very proud that the Finn class chose Vallensbaek
and Copenhagen in Denmark for the 2009 Finn Gold Cup because Denmark has
been and still is a great in supporting Finn sailors in the past.

"I am also happy and proud to see such a huge fleet in Denmark this year,
especially in a post Olympic year. I wish all the best to our sailors, fair
wind and may the best man win."

Mr Hockerup said, "It is a great please to welcome you to the biggest
sailing event in Denmark this year. It is 50 years since the Finn Gold Cup
was last held in Denmark, when the greatest sailor ever from Denmark Paul
Elvström won."

"Being one of the largest sailing clubs in Denmark, I know from personal
experience that Vallensbaek YC is well qualified to host this event in the
best possible way. Vallensbaek harbour will provide a great framework for
the event. You will be given excellent conditions for great racing."

"I would like to thank everyone involved in contributing to make this event
a success and wish you all a fair week with competitive racing. Good luck to
you all."

"With these words and the handling over of this shirt to the chairman of
Vallensbaek Sailing Club, I hearby declare the 2009 Finn Gold Cup open."

The impressive display of food was then demolished by the assembled Finn
sailor and guests.

Photo (left to right): Mr Kurt Hockerup, the Mayor of Vallensbaek, Mr Steen
Hillebrecht, Chairman of Vallensbaek Sailing Club, Jakob Nybroe of the
Organsing Committee, Balazs Hajdu, President of the International Finn

2009 Finn Gold Cup is open

The 2009 Finn Gold Cup was declared open by the Mayor of Vallenbaek Mr Kurt Hockerup