Friday, 10 July 2009

Prospects of a great medal race on Saturday

By this time tomorrow it will be all over bar the shouting. Will it be Zach, Jonas, Giles or Ivan? Tune into the medal race live at 11.00 local time for 30 minutes of fast, fun action.
During this week the media and press core have created more media material than probably any single world championship in history. There are TV cameras, photographers and journalists on the water each day. We will bring you more of this material, including TV highlights from each day on in the weeks to come.
Acually, bringing you any kind of news today was challenging. Twittering while going over massive bone-shattering waves nand face-stinging rain required a particular kind of patience to text a few words in each trough before crashing into the next wave. My notebook turned to paper mache, and the photos and videos have a certain amount of 'camera wobble'. But we all survived.
For those interested in this kind of thing, this blog has now had 2,300 absolute unique visitors with 10,500 page views.
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