Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Talking point

The first (abandoned) race raised some interesting points about unlimited
pumping, which several sailors and coaches discussed with the jury on the
water after the abandonment. When Oscar flag is up and the race committee
permits pumping, rocking and ooching (except on a beat to windward) and the
wind shifts....., at what point do you have to stop pumping?

The answer from the jury is that when the wind shifts so that the boat's
proper course to the mark is close-hauled, the boats will be 'on a beat to
windward' and the regular rule 42 applies. Until the judges are certain that
the boats are on a beat to windward, they will allow pumping while Oscar is

In the same way, when boats are sailing on a beat to windward and have
overstood so that they are sailing free to the mark - they will no longer be
'on a beat to windward'. It is worth noting though that until the judges are
certain that the boat's proper course to the mark is below close-hauled,
they will continue to consider that pumping breaks rule 42.

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